Oh No

I was found out!

I went to pick up my boudoir photo book today. Which, btw I’m scared to look at. I know the pictures are awesome, but still I’m afraid. Anyway, back to the point. The photographer said she saw my twitter post and checked out my blog. I tried to not make the deer in the headlights look.

Lots of people know me from kink first, but this is the first person to know about vanilla old me and discover my kinkiness on their own. I’m not worried, although I was caught off guard. It just makes me long for a time when I don’t have to be so discrete.

My kinkiness is part of what makes me awesome. I shouldn’t have to be afraid that my behavior/tastes, if known by the wrong people, could make our lives hell. Case in point – One of the local football coaches was let go for having an affair – not with a student, not with anyone connected to the school or athletics, just a plain boring affair. I’m not saying that affairs are good, but that’s setting the “moral” high bar pretty high. I can only imagine what they’d think if they knew we were an non-monogamous, bisexual couple.

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