Why didn’t I have fun?

Awhile back we attended a play party. Sir had a great time. I ended up safewording after a couple of hours.

There was a cross dresser named Mary who was being penetrated by a yummy young lady with a strapon. It was fun to watch until Mary started talking dirty. It was very assertive talk and it got my feminist hackles up. No matter what I kept telling myself, I became more and more uncomfortable. I don’t know if I would have been ok if it had been directed at me, but I know for sure I wouldn’t have felt so uncomfortable.

This is something that part of me wants to work on while the other part of me thinks I should listen to my gut. I know I feel sympathy when I see someone else having pain inflicted upon them, but this was different.

I don’t know. Maybe this is how Sir feels when I’m someone else dominates me.

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