It’s June

I added a reminder to blog to my TickTick. I know writing in good for me, but I haven’t been taking the time. Hopefully, being reminded will help.

Life has been pretty good – another reason I haven’t been blogging. It’s easier to write when I am having problems. Actually, vanilla life is great, but it seems to have taken over. The problem is that what was once kinky becomes routine. We don’t take the time to try new things. And we no longer do some things I have really enjoyed.

Luckily, we are able to travel and host. That aspect of life is always new and enjoyable, but while I love playing with others, it’s nice to have some kink at home. I am not sure how to get that back. I know everyone goes through this at some point. There are probably oddles of books written on the subject of rekindling relationships.

We probably just need a date night 🙂


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