Fifty Shades of Grey?

Here’s my take on the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. First off it’s a fantasy, but that being said, I believe the author has duty to reiterate that it isn’t a “how to” manual and that Christian is not cool. Violence against women is a HUGE problem. Corrosion or flat out disregard for consent is abuse. I am reminded of Laura Antoniou and the Marketplace series. She said flat out that the Marketplace could not exist in real life and that what happens in the books is pure fantasy.

But on the other hand, anything that opens up a dialogue about what folks want sexual has to be a good thing, right? The majority of the people who bought the books were middle aged women. It’s great if Fifty Shades can get them talking to their partners and advocating for what they want sexually.

I have read the books, but not seen the movie, yet. I personally get off on erotica involving M/f and non-consent. While I am appalled by real instances of that and other aspects of our male dominated culture, the fantasy makes me wet. I liked the first book until Anna left. The next two books were a little too much like a romance novel. I felt oddly turned on and disgusted by the books.

Laci Green pretty much sums up my conflicting feeling. I even want to post this video to my Facebook account, but I don’t think Sir would like that very much.

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