Valentine’s Day – I love it.


The card Sir made me last year

I hear so many people say how they hate Valentine’s Day. They say things like it’s too commercial and that you should show your significant other(s) that you love them every day.

I find this a little odd. No one says this about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Should we not have Thanksgiving because we should be thankful all the time?

I think it’s important to have days that remind us to show love and be thankful.

I love Valentine’s Day. I have since I was a child. It was always so much fun to create boxes at school for all our valentines to go in. I am a sucker for any reason to get crafty. I love decorating the house and making heart shaped yummies.

Even when I wasn’t in a relationship or in a bad relationship, I still loved Valentine’s Day. I always had a dog who was more than happy to be my valentine and eat my candy hearts.

And, of course, there is the chocolate. I do love my chocolate, but after my RNY too much sugar makes me sick. That doesn’t keep me from eating it though 🙂

Now, it’s more about the giving and receiving.

For the past several years, Sir has made me a card. He thinks of himself as having no artist ability. I feel so loved – that he would do something that he thinks he totally sucks at just because he knows I will love it. This year he bought me a box of chocolates. He told me about how many different kinds there were at Target. I smiles when I think of him searching for just the right box. Sir’s not the romantic type and he doesn’t really buy me things on his own so when he does it’s extra special.

For him this year, I bought a couple of things to expand on his wedding night fantasy. I got some white stockings and some white, crotchless panties. I am planning to get all dressed up in my white corset and veil and peg him with my pink Share. Sadly, he has been sick for the past two days so I will have to wait until he feels better.

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