Feminist Housewife

feminist-housewife-1I sometimes get grief that I do too much for my Sir. Sometimes he thinks that my friends see him as the bad guy. I found two articles that I posted on Facebook trying to explain how our relationship works and why I am happy – The Complex, Often Idealistic Reasons Feminists Become Housewives and Gender Essentialism and the Feminist Housewife.

Here is what I posted on Facebook (I have inserted Sir for Sir’s name here)

These are me. Sir brings home the bacon (or as we say, the kibble) and I take care of the kids and the house and do little projects on the side. This is not because he’s the man and I’m the woman. I could have an outside-of-the-home job, but it’s not something I want. I would not be happy and I think the stress would eventually kill me. My family equates success in life with how much money you make. I have always rejected that notion. It’s just another reason why I’m the rainbow sheep of the family 🙂 I find fulfillment in doing everything I can to make Sir’s life easier and better. It’s important to me to grow some of our own food and do those old school things like canning and baking bread. I have talents that help make him look like a rock star at work. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I could never do what he does and he couldn’t do what I do. We complement each other. This is what works for us.

I left the kink part out. I try to be more vanilla on Facebook. Sometimes I so want to respond with, “It makes me horny to be all domestic.”

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