This is what a feminist looks like

This is what a feminist looks likeSo ever since the shooting at Isla Vista I have had this internal conflict. I’m a submissive and I serve a man. I want to be used and objectified by dominant people, male or female. It really turns me on to see images of women being degraded. M/f turns my crank way more than F/f. It isn’t the fact that I get off on these images, it’s the idea that some men feel that women really are worthless and only good for cooking, cleaning and fucking(raping) – that every man has a right to any woman’s body.

I love a blog on tumblr called Objects For Male Use. I love the images, but what I love is the comments about each image. When I look at that blog I can keep everything in fantasy land, and thinking that all those images were done by people who were respectful and that the women enjoyed themselves and were paid well. Last week I saw an image on there that had been reblogged. I wanted to check out the person who had originally posted it. On that blog the guy had writings that said that men have a right to rape any woman. After reading that I felt really slimy. I felt like just looking was somehow reinforcing misogyny.

I feel like a large part of myself was invisible. I looked at my own tumbr and it sure doesn’t look like it’s made by someone who think women deserve respect. My vanilla self is so vocal about all the injustices of the world. I feel like my kinky life needs to come with a disclaimer at says I really don’t think women should be treated as fuckmeat.

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