To Have Children Or Not, Now THAT is the Question

The submissive guide posted this and I had to respond. Read the whole thing here. There is my response:

I have never understood breeders. That goes for the kinky variety, the vanilla variety, and folks who breed animals or don’t spay/neuter their pets. There are just so many kids/animals in the world that need homes, why would someone want to make more?

We are friends with this awesome kinky couple. They are really the only folks that we are 100% out to. They decided to have a child a couple of years ago. Now we don’t see them as much and when we do it’s for short times because their son seems to be cranky most of the time. They each seem unhappy because they don’t have the sex life they used to. He misses watching her with other men and she’s just not up for that because she’s so worn out from the kid. She feels pressured and would really like to be able to do more with just the two of them. On top of all of that I feel like they neglect their animals. We’ve had some really cold days here in Minnesota and their dog is outside with just a small un-insulated dog house with straw in it. And because of the human kid their dog and their cats don’t get that much attention anymore.

Personally, I have never wanted human children. Right now, Sir and I have two dogs and a cat. They are our kids. I am their stay at home mom. They were all adopted and now have a great home with tons of love and attention. Even our goldfish are adopted.

Our kids don’t get in the way of our kinky sex life. We don’t have to hide the floggers. We don’t have to worry about the awkward discussions when our kids see a dildo. We can have people over without having to lie to them. The only thing we do is make sure the dogs aren’t in the room if we engage in impact play – they get scared.

For me, choosing not to have human children also has to do with being environmentally conscious. I am all for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. The Oregon State University has an interesting article about how family planning has a big environmental impact. I think the campsite rule applies to the Earth as well – leave it in better shape than you found it. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and don’t reproduce.


One thought on “To Have Children Or Not, Now THAT is the Question

  1. I hate seeing animals mistreated, I have never understood why people gets pets and leave them outside or neglect them. Why Getty them if you do not want them as part of the family? I am with you there.

    But as for kids…. Daddy and I have 3 awesome children I could not think of life without them. We have been in the lifestyle 24/7 for 14 year and yes when they were babies it did put a kink in our kinky but we still had a much better sex life then any of our vanilla friends. Today with them being 4,6 and 10 our adult time is occasionally tricky but always there. In life, love, relationships it is what you make it and we make ours exactly as we want it. Plus our pets are more loved since the kids take part in their care and they are part of our life and family.

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