It’s my birthday

I am getting old, but today has been a good day. Sir and I went for a walk. I made a bratty comment before we went and he told me to watch it. I confessed that while I felt bad for being bratty, it makes me tingle when he talks to me sternly.

Last night I tried to be clever with him. I had him watch a porn video and told him I would fuck him with the large dildo if he could remain soft during it. Otherwise, I would use the little one on him. I assumed that he would want the large one, but he surprised me and made himself hard so that he would get the little one. That is not what I wanted him to do. I pouted a bit, but then I had an idea – Once the video was over I blindfolded him and started to fuck him with the little dildo. After a few strokes, I pulled out and plunged the large dildo deep in his ass. He cried out asking what it was and said “no, no.” I loved it. I told him, “What do you think it is?” I held it in place until it no longer hurt him and then I fucked him with it. I enjoyed myself greatly and he came hard.

Later he has said he wants to tie me up 🙂

Happy Birthday to me.

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