Service Book of Days: Week of Jan 16th

Service Book of Days was originally started by Service Savoir Faire.

Service Book of Days that I read: My Submissive Life

Outside my window…Snowy white and pretty

My thoughts…I was catching up on my fetlife group posts and read a post on maintenance spankings. I started to think that maybe they would be good for me. I found an article that I had Sir read that talked about different kids of spankings. It’s from C’s Loving Domestic Discipline Blog. Now I don’t buy into the reasoning behind domestic discipline. I don’t believe that all men are dominant and that all women as submissive. I don’t believe that God or anyone else for that matter thinks that husbands need to discipline their wives.

This passage really hit a chord with me: “Without the consistency of a regular set time for her Maintenance Discipline, the woman may start to doubt her HOH’s resolve and may feel emotionally abandoned by him.” I think that is how I feel when Sir says he is going to do something and for whatever reason it doesn’t happen. Example – on Friday he said he was going to spank me later. I think he forgot, but when it was time for bed I got really upset about it.

Today’s Quote…“Nothing ever goes back to normal. All that happens is your concept of normal changes.” – Allison van Diepen

I am thankful for…Sir being willing to try new things with me

From my service training…We are going to try maintenance spankings on Sundays. I hope they help me stay focused.

From the kitchen…I just had hazelnut latte oatmeal. There is a pork loin in the crock pot that I want to make into pulled pork. We will see how it goes. I am defrosting some chicken to make wild rice soup with.

I am wearing…Just socks and underwear. I’m cold.

I am creating…I decoupaged a cardboard snowflake yesterday. It felt good to do something.

My adventures this week…Trying to get the house back in order, figure out where the cat keeps peeing and maybe go to work.

Becoming well read or well-educated…I’ve been reading various articles on maintenance spankings.

I manifest and co-create…A happy planet

Today’s Melody…The dryer.

One of my favorite things…My new pillow bunny

Still life…Bathtub bondage 🙂

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