Service Book of Days 10/29/10

I have decided to change the date I that do my service book of days post. I never seem to be able to get them done on Monday so I’ve decided to do them on Friday.

Service Book of Days was originally started by Service Savoir Faire.

Outside my window…It’s dark out. I’ve got all my Halloween decorations out.

My thoughts…I’m so excited for Halloween. Helene brought me some big sweet pumpkins which added to the little ones that I grown myself. She helped me with ideas and enjoyed watching me get all crafty.

Today’s Quote…”Take that, you slut whore” – Sir while fucking me from behind. It had been such a long time since he’s been inside of me. I’ve been bleeding for what seems like weeks. I can’t wait until the depo shots kick in and I don’t get my period anymore.

I am thankful for…Feeling good, but I still don’t feel like I’m as stable as I should be. I hate that there are ups and downs, but once again there are more ups than downs and the downs don’t last as long.

From my service training…I guess we’ve all been trying to figure out how to have me (well, all of us) feel included during sex. It can be tricky when there is only one cock and two people who don’t like to eat pussy. Most of our dildos were chosen for Sir’s rear, but I’m looking forward to try them out on me. I’m hoping that Sir will be able to use a toy on me while he’s inside on Helene. Once again I can’t wait until I stop bleeding. Thankfully, Sir is willing to wear a condom today. I have missed it.

From the kitchen…The kitchen is a mess. I spent two days carving pumpkins with a dremel. Pumpkin bits everywhere. We had gyros today and will have chicken alfredo tomorrow.

I am wearing…Orange Halloween shirt with bells, purple panties, and Halloween socks.

I am creating…Jack O Lantern’s 🙂

My adventures this week…After Halloween sales – that’s almost as good as Halloween itself.

Becoming well read…or well educated – I’m watching a documentary on pornography. It’s from an art history perspective. I’m learning so much.

I manifest and co-create…Awesome pumpkins that make me so happy.

Today’s Melody…Ghoulish sounds from my Halloween gear.

One of my favorite things…My papasan cushion. It makes a good pet bed.

Still life…Pumpkins

It's a mouse

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