Service Book of Days 9/27

Service Book of Days was originally started by Service Savoir Faire.

Outside my window…It’s a warm Fall day. I wish it could stay like this forever.

My thoughts…I’m tired and a little sick. I work tomorrow is hopefully I will feel better and not worse soon.

Today’s Quote…It’s been a pretty quiet day so far

I am thankful for…Our bed – I think I’m going to go crawl in it

From my service training…Still working on the token economy. It’s coming along nicely

From the kitchen…Muffins and rice crispy bars

I am wearing…too many clothes

I am creating…Still – Our contract, a D/s token economy and  a submissive affirmation. – >

My adventures this week…Hopefully there will be some time to go grocery shopping.

Becoming well read…Nothing much this week

I manifest and co-create…A less jealous and more secure self

Today’s Melody…Sounds of Fall

One of my favorite things…Chocolate again. My diet isn’t going well

Still life…Out for a walk. I’d love to be walked on a leash

One thought on “Service Book of Days 9/27

  1. I LOVE this picture! On of my favorite ways to play with Master is to go out, dressed provocatively and let him parade me around. And play with Pussy in public. I love the pics you’ve added to your blog! Great job!

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