Service Book of Days 7-12-10

Service Book of Days was originally started by Service Savoir Faire.

Outside my window…Dark. We are supposed to get some nasty storms tomorrow.

My thoughts…This is my first SBD post since Sir left… and came back. I’m so glad to have him home.

Today’s Quote…Have dinner on the table at 7 – Sir being deliciously “misogynistic”

I am thankful for…That the bedroom is done.

From my service training…Nothing much that I can think of.

From the kitchen…Steak, salad, and hot bread – all on the table by 7 🙂 This is the first time just the two of us have eaten at the table.

I am wearing…Cuffs and nothing else

I am creating…I made a necklace and a bracelet today. It feels good to be creative.

My adventures this week…Friday we are going to Fargo to see a Red Hawks game.

Becoming well read…Just started “Photography for Perverts”

I manifest and co-create…Happy fish again. We got them a new tank because the old one started to leak. We woke up one day last week and half of the water from the tank was on the floor. I’m so glad I have a Hoover floor vac. Anyway, the new tank looks great and is so clear. I didn’t know how bad the other one was.

Today’s Melody…bark, bark, bark – the dogs are driving us crazy.

One of my favorite things…The washing machine – I’m afraid it is about it die.

Still life…

I don't like the new Wonder Woman

I don't like the new Wonder Woman

She should look like this

She should look like this

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