Anonymous Sex

Thursday evening I was filling out a Scarlteen survey about casual sex. Sir came home and I told him what I was doing. He said, “Speaking of causal sex, we’re going to meet someone on Friday and you’re going to dom him.” I was a little nervous, not about meeting with someone, but about topping. I’m still working on cultivating my dominant persona. I’m not all that confident.

But Sir had a great idea. When the guy showed up to our hotel room I blindfolded him right away. That put me more at ease than I thought it would. This was my first experience with completely anonymous sex. Sir had talked to him a little on Alt, but I didn’t even look at his profile and neither of us know his real name.

He wanted to have a “forced” bi scene directed by a dominate woman with anal and cbt.

Like I said I blindfolded him as soon as he walked in door. Then I striped him down, enjoying his furry chest and cute little nipples. There was already a bulge in his pants before I unbuckled his jeans and pulled down his underpants freeing his cock. His balls were shaved smooth and the head of his cock was a nice size. I grabbed his cock and led him over to the bed.

Once he was sitting on the bed I spread his legs and really enjoyed touching and squeezing his cock and balls. At Sir’s urging I rolled him over so he was on all fours and began to flog him. I had been a long time since I’d flogged someone so I was a little rusty. I flogged him just long enough to get his ass nice and pink.

Next I tried tying his balls with ribbon, but I wasn’t sure how tight to do it – I didn’t want to hurt him too much. He showed me how much he could take by squeezing his own balls. While he was doing that I placed butterfly clips similar to these on his cock and balls. Then I got out the rubber slapper and swatted the clips off his balls. He howled as each clip was swatted off. The sadistic side of me loved it.

Then Sir got on the bed and had our boy toy suck his cock. When I asked if he was a good little cock sucker, Sir gave him a thumbs up. I twisted the boy’s balls as a reward. I fucked him with our double trouble and then my strapon. He was fun to fuck. He was able to take my big strapon easily.

Once I was done fucking him, Sir took over. The boy was on all fours again. Sir fucked him from behind while I had him suck on my strapon. This was the first male ass that Sir has cum in, with a condom of course.

Once Sir was done, I pulled off my strapon and had the boy eat my pussy. He was so good at it. It makes a big difference when someone really enjoys doing it. I moved to play with his cock and he asked for more pussy. Such a sweet boy. I sat on his face while I sucked and bit his pretty cock.

I could have done that all day, but it was getting late so I got off and stroked his cheek before saying goodnight to him.

I hope he enjoyed himself. Sir and I had fun. I feel a little bit more confident about topping now. The blindfold really helped.

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