Service Book of Days – Week of 10/19/09

Outside my window…It’s dark. It’s late. I’m tired and cranky

My thoughts…Happy to be home. I can’t wait until it is just Sir and me.

Today’s Quote…”Suck my dick” – G.I. Jane

I am thankful for… Having a healthy heart that all fixed

From my service training… Used the list I made for taking care of the house.

From the kitchen… Grilled brats in the dark

I am wearing…Cuffs and my collar and nothing else

I am creating…Halloween clothes

My adventures this week…Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Hoping to work a bit this week. Going to go play with some people this weekend.

Becoming well read…Finished Animal House

I manifest and co-create… Trying to create inner peace. It’s not working

Todays Melody…snores

One of my favorite things…Chocolate

Still life…Yummy French Maid


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