It looks nice outside

I’m getting sick of lying in bed, but if I get up I’ll want to clean and that would probably be too much for me right now. I’ve been watching youtube video on different rope projects. Mostly collar and leashes. I think I’d like to make a rope set of collar and cuffs. I like the style that TKB use, but I also like how bugle cords look. Maybe Sir will let me order some rope. It would be something I could do in bed. Ebay has glow in the dark rope which would be fun and nerdy.

I did want to write about today’s submissive guide post, but now I feel like doing something else.

It looks nice outside. We had the window in the bedroom open for the first time this year. We still haven’t plugged the hole where the bees were last year. Maybe I should do that or maybe I’ll go finish putting together the patio heater.

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