To my love

Current mood:  horny

I’m blogging so I thought I’d direct one to you. Our time together is so limited, I don’t get the chance to say everything I want to. I’m horny so my train of thought may be kinda goofy. I feel like I need to write a report 🙂 This weekend was so good.

I love giving presents, but it was so fun and new for me to give presents that I wasn’t sure you would like. Although, I do think at this phase I could get you anything and you’d say thank you.

Friday, J and I spent almost an hour at Pure Pleasures trying to find the perfect toy for your ass. We spend at least a little time each day thinking about what we can do to that pretty little hole of yours. J has different ideas then I do. I just want to put my tongue up there as far as I can. And the way you pushed back on it makes me shiver. It makes me so happy to be able to please you.

The way you pleased J was amazing. I love to hear her moan. I enjoyed watching from below, but I was great to be behind you and watch you come while on your knees. Speaking of coming, you taste so good. I just assumed all guys tasted the same, but there was no comparison. And it isn’t that I just love you so it tastes good. So thick and creamy. And you warned me. Like I was going to not do it on my first successful blow/hand job. Next time I’ll have you in a different position so I can play with your hole. Keep telling me when you’re close, I like it, but I’ll swallow. I like having the results of your pleasure in me. It’s suppose to be high in protein 🙂

Oh, I bet you want to hear about the strapon fun. I want to figure a way so you can be up on all fours and I can still reach. Then I’ll grab your hips and do you hard. Once I get you on a different bed I’ll flip you over so I can stroke your cock will I bang you up the ass and see your face. Oh, when J had you that way last week and you tilted your head back I just wanted to grab hold of your neck and hold you down. I love seeing you helpless, just like silly putty.

My hips are sore from grinding against you, but they are moving right now. Always put my hands where you need them. That is such a turn on. I need to know where and how to touch you. I live to see pleasure on your face and to hear you moan. Right now all I need and all I want is you and J. It was so good being slutty with you.

I want to hear about all your sexual adventures. The thought of you with other people learning to do all that you give me is so sexy.

I loved watching you sleep, I could just make out your nose in the dark. Of course I couldn’t watch for long. We have the same breathing rate, it was amazing to just lay with you and be in sync. I found that out after I tried to wake you up by touching your lovely little cock. You rolled over so I couldn’t reach 🙂

Go be the best Mr. Anderson you can be and spend more time with us so we can learn all the little facts that you know. We’ll fill you full of women’s study stuff. Think of me when you touch yourself, for I always think of you.

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